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About us

Welcome to Diamond Paradise. The webshop for all your diamond paintings and accessories.

About us
At the end of 2020 we will set up Diamond Paradijs. Our addiction to make Diamond Paintings got out of hand. We soon discovered that we often paid much more for a Diamond Painting than necessary. Because we wanted to turn our hobby into our work, this was 1 of our objectives. Deliver cheaper Diamond Paintings, but still offer very good quality. In addition to good quality, we try to offer the best possible service. Our customer service is therefore ready for you every day.

We have different Diamond Paintings in our range. Both small and large diamond paintings. You can also request your own photo Diamond Painting via our website. Are you missing a Diamond Painting? We can always look for this Diamond Painting and add it to our website.

About our Diamond Paintings
All our Diamond Paintings are of very good quality and are supplied on a canva from 20x30cm to 100x200cm. All Diamond Paintings are equipped with our logo and have a cartel edge. All stones are packed in zipbags with the color code & gram on it. There is a choice of round and square stones. In addition to the Diamond Painting, you will also receive a tool set: tweezers, pen, grip, attachments and small zipbags. In addition to Diamond Paintings, we also offer accessories, view our accessories page for this.

When sending a Diamond Painting, we often send more stones than necessary. In some cases it is possible that stones are short, we offer a guarantee for that. Even if you only come a year later with a short of stones, we always ensure that these stones are still delivered.

Can we still help you somewhere? Send us a message via the contact page or via customer service@diamondparadijs.nl. We are happy to help you.