Diamond Painting | Vacation View - 5 Hatch – Diamond Paradijs
Diamond painting - vakantie uitzicht - 5 luik

Vacation View - 5 Hatch

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Vacation View - 5 Hatch

Looking for a new and unique diamond painting challenge? Our 5 part Diamond Painting is the perfect way to boost your skills and create a beautiful work of art!

With this diamond painting you will receive a high quality canvas with a beautiful 5 shutters design that is perfect for diamond painting enthusiasts who want a new challenge.

Our 5 panel Diamond Painting comes with everything you need to get started, including sparkling stones, a pen, tweezers, extra pouches, a shaker tray and wax. The canvas is made of high-quality materials that ensure that your finished diamond painting looks beautiful.

This diamond painting is ideal for intermediate and advanced diamond painters who are looking for a new and challenging project. The 5-shutter design creates a unique and eye-catching pattern that will impress everyone who sees it.

With our 5 panel Diamond Painting kit you will enjoy a fun and rewarding diamond painting experience that takes your skills and creativity to the next level.

Size: 20x30 (2), 20x40 (2) and 20x50cm
Diamond shape: round or square
Package content: diamond painting & tool set
Variant: Holiday View - 5 Hatch
Packing method: rolled up