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Diamond Painting - Wolf met Maan Ornament

Wolf with Moon Ornament

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Wolf with Moon Ornament

Add a touch of wild beauty to your interior with our Diamond Painting Standing Ornament of a Wolf. This beautiful decoration gives you the opportunity to create your own masterpiece. The ornament shows a majestic wolf and comes with a pen, sparkling stones, a shaker, tweezers and wax. Let your creativity run wild as you place each diamond in its place and bring the wolf to life. Place the ornament on a table, shelf or desk and admire the enchanting shine it brings to your space. Enjoy the serene power of nature with our Diamond Painting Standing Ornament of a Wolf.

Size: 13x11x21cm
Package contents: ornament, stones and tool set
Material: composite board
Variant: wolf with moon ornament

NB! The size may vary slightly.